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Solar EnergySolar energy, which is light and heat radiated from the sun, has actually been harnessed by humans since ancient times to perform such tasks as cooking and drying materials.

But only within the last few decades has it become possible to truly operate just about anything in your home or business from the power of the sun, even the most advanced electronic technology. With modern advances in batteries, we can now even effectively store solar energy to be used on a rainy day!

It has been asserted by energy experts that the planet receives more energy from the sun in just one hour than all the people of the world consume in an entire year! Of course, it is not yet technologically possibly to efficiently capture and transfer all solar energy, but in recent years we have made incredible advances in efficiency. Photovoltaic cell manufacturing costs have steadily dropped every year at the same time as government subsidies for solar energy have increased worldwide, spurring research and development. Consequently, even major oil companies have recently predicted that up to half of the world’s ever-growing energy needs will come from solar sources as early as the year 2040.

Harness the Power of Solar Energy

Solar energy can help you achieve a measure of energy independence in a time when traditional energy sources, like oil, are becoming very unstable to say the least.

There are still about two billion people in this world without access to any form of electricity at all – for them, solar energy technology represents perhaps the only way forward into a technological future. For people in remote and rugged locations, solar power can allow one to live where the “grid” doesn’t even exist. But solar energy has also grown in importance in developed countries like the UK, as the use of traditional energy sources has run into problems like global warming and loss of supplies. While fossil fuels are limited, the sun is not.

Solar Energy Can Greatly Reduce Energy Bills

Solar energy used to be prohibitively expensive for most average consumers, until just recently.

Not only have prices dropped, but with rising costs of energy the investment recovery period for a solar energy system is becoming shorter every day! Depending on where you live, financial and tax incentives are being increasingly offered by government agencies. Solar energy systems from leading providers such as Ecopopulus are almost maintenance free and will last for many years. Solar energy systems operate silently and have no recurring fuel costs.

As the energy needs of your family or business grow, solar energy systems are easily expandable. Not only can a new solar energy system reduce your power bills, but it can also continue to supply your home or business with electricity even in the event of a power outage!

Ecopoplus are Solar Panel Installers covering London

Contact the experienced professionals at Ecopopulus today. The solar energy engineers at Ecopopulus can design an installation for your home or business, large or small, at a cost far less than you may think. And with the huge savings in energy bills you’ll get immediately from an Ecopopulus solar energy system, your investment will pay for itself in no time!