Renewable Energy

Renewable EnergyRenewable Energy Is In Your Future The Sooner, The Better for You

What it is renewable energy? It’s all the modern forms of energy that are derived from natural resources like sunlight, wind, the tides, and geothermal heat. The key is that all of these energy sources are automatically replenished, unlike petroleum-based energy.

It’s estimated that renewable energy currently provides only about 18% of total electricity generation worldwide. This means there is tremendous untapped potential to generate your own renewable power right now. Because of numerous issues like peak oil consumption, climate change, and pollution, etc., renewable energy is inevitably going to become the majority of our future energy production. You may as well start now, and be among the wise innovators who started reaping the monetary rewards of these amazing systems from the beginning.

Renewable Energy – The Ecopopulus Way

Ecopoplus is an industry lead in solar energy, photovoltaic systems, and all other types of renewable power. Although these ideas still seem new to most people, don’t be fooled into thinking these technologies are still too new to be trusted. Many countries are among the pioneers now generating the majority of their total power needs from renewable energy sources, including Brazil (85%), Austria (62%), and New Zealand (65%) in fact Iceland is widely believed to provide 100% of it’s electricity from renewable sources!

While many renewable energy projects like this are nation-scale, Ecopopulus has become the expert at renewable technologies suited to individual-scale household and business needs. Globally, already an estimated 3 million households get power from small solar photovoltaic systems.

Renewable Energy Consultants London

New government spending, support policies, and consumer incentives are driving the miraculous growth of the renewable energy sector. Consider this: all energy is realtively expensive, but forecasters universally agree that as time goes on, renewable energy will only become cheaper as fossil-based fuels will inevitably grow more expensive as supply dwindles.

Once your renewable system is built, the fuel (sun, wind, and the earth itself) is free forever, in quantities that are virtually limitless. Contact the renewable energy experts at Ecopopulus for more information and a free evaluation of your particular needs.